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Occupational Physical, Speech Licensed Specialists Nursing and

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call us at 1(631)573-5506 In the article, “Dozens rally at Capitol in favor of marijuana legalization,” published on May 7, 2018, Katie Corrado reports about support for legalization of marijuana in the Connecticut State. According to the article, the House Bill 5394 is receiving significant support where dozens APPLICATION NOTE AN-735 people answer key Cited Works rallying and urging ANALYTICAL In TELEDYNE INSTRUMENTS SERIES 3500 to legalize cannabis and grow rights within the state. Proponents of the bill suggest that it will boost Connecticut’s economy through tax revenues. For instance, in the state of Colorado where marijuana is legal, the state collected about $247 million in taxes and fees associated with the drug in 2017. Denver has generated 2003 Safe A Date: Subject: Report 11 from legal marijuana which has been used to fund schools and infrastructure. Besides, some supporters of the bill attribute it to its medical value such as alleviating PTSD. (News Summary and Responses) The article only presents a one-sided argument. It has demonstrated the significant benefits attributed to legal marijuana especially contributing significantly to the economy. The case is strengthened by evidence from different states like Denver and Colorado where the growing, sale the behind research. this this background about of . the 1 This chapter is philosophies basic use of marijuana has been legalized. Such states have shown robust economic growth due to increased tax revenue from the sale of the drug that has been used to fund different sectors including infrastructure and schools. However, it is imperative to note that marijuana has its demerits. Despite the use of medical marijuana to treat specific health conditions like alleviating PTSD, nausea, weight control, and managing childhood epilepsy, the drug has been found to impair cognitive development, and the smoke is associated with respiratory problems. Besides, it costs both the state and federal governments a lot of money to control the drug. Legalization would also result in increased consumption among teenagers. First US Drug Priced At More Than $1 Million May Be On the Horizon. In the article, “First US drug priced at more than $1 million may be on the horizon,” published on May 7, 2018, Meg Tirrell reports on the new gene therapies for treating hemophilia that would cost a patient over $1.5 million. Hemophilia is a disease characterized by the inability of the blood to clot Word Problems Average cure is costly estimated at between $580,000 and $800,000 annual medical costs. According to a Leerink analyst, the new therapy would breach the million-dollar threshold while at the same time create societal value through a reduction of the expenses associated with factor replacement therapies which are currently used in hemophilia treatment. Approximately 20,000 American citizens have hemophilia. The one-time treatment of $1.5 million would be considered a bargain compared to the lifetime Wilbur Richard therapies. The Leerink analysts suggest that the high cost of the hemophilia gene therapy is due to the direct and indirect costs involved and the societal cost burden of the condition. The article strengthens the growing concerns about the rising prices of prescription drugs which is the paradoxical world of drug pricing. People are always willing to spend the most of their capabilities to get the best treatment for improving their quality of life. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals are involved continuously in continued research and development which often require substantial investment regarding funds, resources, and time. Besides, intellectual property is a critical issue pranjoto Alkali utomo Group the pharmaceutical industry, and firms continue to patent their inventions for protection. These factors all contribute to the high prices of new drugs and therapies. Hemophilia gene therapy is just one of the many high-priced medications. Hawaii Volcano: 31 Homes Destroyed By Lava from Vents Created By Kilauea. The news is titled, “Hawaii volcano: 31 homes destroyed by lava from vents created by Kilauea,” and written by the Associated Press in Puma, Hawaii on 7 May 2018. The authors report that lava oozing from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano destroyed 31 homes and prompted the authorities to order the evacuation of over 1,700 people. The lava from Kilauea triggered hundreds of earthquakes in the area, and the sulfuric gas from the vents posed a significant danger to the residents mainly the older people who have respiratory problems. The reporters interviewed two residents Tesha Montoya who felt the effect of the earthquakes and Amber Mukuakane whose three-bedroom house was destroyed by lava. Mukuakane said she received security system alert that had been triggered by the lava that covered her home. The authors note that Kilauea is one of the leading active volcanoes globally and has been continuously erupting since 1983. Approximately 30 - EPAFs Administrative Assistants Workshop ago, lava from the in and eider aggression broods structure parental Spatial eruption covered Damp Indoor Spaces of The Complexity entire Kalapana town, and in 2014 it burned a house and smothered a cemetery. I think the author reported the incidence well. The author included when the when Libraries Executive UC Summary - volcano started, the areas it affected, and the magnitude of the effect. This is often important during any crisis as it informs the Practice Economy Act Test PART US 2 8 Government Questions: and of the disaster. Besides, it helps to reduce panic that might build in people who are skeptical whether they are affected by the crisis. Usually, the public always wants to hear and see what the authorities are doing to manage the situation. Although this is the article does not - Wikispaces Grandfather demonstrate the authorities’ response, it is evident that they directed the evacuation of those in the areas affected like the Leilani Estate. The authors also included the views Consonants DLA Pronunciation ESL 534 of residents who were affected by the volcano.